Messages to the users of GEDCOMP

2019-04-22: GEDCOMP is operational

- and ready to process your GEDCOM-file.

2014-06-24: GEDCOMP has changed to a new mail-server.

All emails sent between 2014-05-15 and today has been resent.

2014-06-21: GEDCOMP has been unable to send email for about 4 weeks.

All submitted GEDCOM-files have been processed, and the results will be sent ASAP.
Once the email service has been restored a new message will appear here.

2000-10-02: GEDCOMP has a new E-mail address.

2000-03-28: GEDCOMP is finally back in commission with a new E-mail address.

If you have sent an E-mail to GEDCOMP before 2000-03-16 and not received a reply, your E-mail have probably been lost. Please send it again.

GEDCOMP is changing its E-mail system

From 1999-09-12 to about 1999-11-01 the E-mail system of GEDCOMP is being changed.
During this period GEDCOMP will not respond to E-mails..
E-mails will still be received.
The E-mail address of GEDCOMP is unchanged.

GEDCOMP has had a break down

In the period from 1999-07-26 to 1999-08-27 the E-mail system of GEDCOMP has been unreliable. If you have sent an E-mail to GEDCOMP before 1999-07-28 without receiving a response your E-mail has probably been lost and you may send it again.