My own Geneology Research

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I run the genealogical database GEDCOMP.

I am a member of DIS-Sweden.

Here is an example of what I have found:
A copy of my Great-great-great-great-great-grandfather's signature (Martinus Crofas) in 1787.

Here is lklundin.ged (9305kB) (updated 2019-01-03) containing some information about my ancestors in GEDCOM format.
Here is lklundin.ged.xz (1178kB) compressed with xz.
Please note that I release my GEDCOM-file under GNU Free Documentation License, which is evident from the HEAD'er of the GEDCOM-file.

This means that you cannot upload my GEDCOM-file to web-services like and, since the companies behind these services do not accept the conditions of the GNU Free Documentation License.

The file contains information about persons from mainly Denmark (Sjælland, nord-Jylland, Nyborg, Odense) and Sweden (Skåne, Dalsland), but also previously German (now Polish) areas (Pomerania & East-Prussia).
I am especially interested in information about the following persons:

Bøhm, Christian 1663: Died as a carpenter in Odense.
Bremer, Lorentz 1680: Died in Odense.
Andersen, Moust 1684: Born, 1708: Married in Taarsted, N-Jylland, DK.
Hippler, Johann 1861: Married, Roman-catholic, tailor (Schneidermeister) in Seeburg, Kreis Rössel, East-Prussia
Krophas, Morten 1723: Married in Nyborg, DK.
Philipp, Emilie Auguste 1857: Married, lived in Landsberg an der Warte, Germany.
Rønberg, Carl Johansen C.1745: Born in Sweden, 1784: Musketeer in Thisted, DK.
Salmandsdatter, Maren 1689: Born, 1763: Buried in Taarsted, N-Jylland, DK.
Vahl, Adolf Theodor 1857: Married, furrier (Kürschner) in Landsberg an der Warte, Germany.