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Find Genealogists who research the same persons as you do.

The purpose of GEDCOMP is to help you to get more information about your ancestors and to get in contact with genealogists researching the same persons.

Initially GEDCOMP was for genealogists with interest in Denmark, but since 2001 GEDCOMP is for everyone.

GEDCOMP contains information about more than 6.8 mio. persons - and it is free to use GEDCOMP!

Everyone who has submitted a GEDCOM file with information on about one thousand persons have been put in contact with another genealogist.

How to use GEDCOMP.

How to submit your GEDCOM-file to GEDCOMP.

GEDCOMP Contents 2022-02-17
A list of the submitted GEDCOM-files.

If you have sent an email to GEDCOMP during one of these periods from 1998-10-18 to 1998-12-09, from 1999-07-26 to 1999-08-27 or from 1999-09-12 to 2000-03-16.

GEDCOM Error Detection
You can have errors in your GEDCOM-file corrected.

GEDCOMP is sponsored by DIS-Danmark.